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Using Your Whole Brain with Brandon Hernandez

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Whole Brain Consulting’s co-founder Brandon Hernandez leads his company with personability—a traditional approach that is harder to find but more valuable to potential clients. Putting forth the effort, energy, and time to “walk in the client’s shoes” builds relationships that are founded on the respect you’ve earned by the work you’ve put in.

And it’s not only his approach to gaining clients that has made long-lasting, networking relationships; when finding a person to hire, Brandon suggests when you find good talent, retaining the talent should be a top priority, employees and clients alike.

With his more traditional outreach to attain new clients, Brandon says Whole Brain hasn’t been marketing heavy, rather, it has focused on building one-on-one connections in person. However, with the pandemic, those one-on-one interactions were put to the side and online marketing spiked, which influenced Whole Brain to expand their online marketing budget. He suggests companies should have a direct-to-consumer (DTC) play; if they don’t, they’ll be crushed. Also, learn how to use social media platforms to their full extent to better reach potential consumers.

“Anybody that can crack the TikTok code for brands is gonna be a gillionaire overnight.”

His last words of advice: find joy in what you do. Each company or client you work with has a new approach and perspective into the business world and industry. Each is unique, and therefore provides a new opportunity to grow!

Want to know more about growth strategies in business and Whole Brain Consulting’s journey to the top? Watch Brandon’s full video below!

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