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Embracing Opportunity with Soon Hee Newbold

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The idea of failure comes with its own sour taste, a lingering feeling that doesn’t go away and can often prevent us from experiencing what life has to offer. But in order to become organic and be who you want to be, as Soon Hee Newbold says, we need to be willing to expose ourselves to different things.

“Don’t be afraid to experience failure.”

This journey all begins with your time management. When you are first starting out with your talent or skill, it may feel like the pressure of networking, publishing, creating, and researching new techniques weighs you down. But fizzle the bubbly chaos down to this: what are your priorities? What needs 100% of your attention right now, next week, next month? Of course, priorities change and focuses shift, so reevaluations are inevitable.

However, also realize that you can do a whole lot more than you think you can. Soon Hee says that you won’t grow unless you push yourself. So, stretch yourself to take on new things, and recognize your limits.

And sometimes, our limits are exceeded when trying to take on the daunting task of publishing our brand, our name, our skill, and putting it out into the world. The uncertainty of choosing between self-publishing and selecting a publisher does not make it any easier. But here’s the kicker–both are good options! Soon Hee gave some insights into the mystical fog surrounding the publishing world, claiming that both have solid pros, but do your research first. If you are wanting to publish worldwide, choose a publisher. They’ll do all the marketing work for you. If you are simply wanting to send your work to a few people or a few organizations, then self-publish.

If your work gets rejected by a publisher, don’t give up! Find someone who will take it or cut out the middleman and publish it yourself. Sometimes the best scenarios or chances for getting your work taken in by a publisher or an audience is finding the “gap” in the market. Research and see what is lacking and what your market is needing, and fill that need.

No one will fill that need for you. It’s up to you to take that risk, become that bold and vulnerable, and take every opportunity that comes your way. You never know where it might lead.

Watch the full interview with Soon Hee Newbold below.

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