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Becoming a World Class Collaborator

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In business, you have to be a real person. But the fear of being different, of creating new, never-before-seen products seems to often cloud the answer.

Chris Thomas lives in a way that brings authenticity to every aspect of his business interactions, and even his creation of music. His one major rule: don’t network people. (And yes, this can also be a verb).

“In all business, networking is just this necessary evil, so to speak.”

Don’t fall into the habit of seeing people as opportunities to grow yourself. See the potential in being real with people, and in the end, finding life-long partnerships that will be far more valuable and successful than a one-time colab.

And in a world of facades and fake, impersonal vibes, Thomas has, over time, realized that branding your own style “[is] the kind of thing you discover . . . what made the difference and what didn’t.” You, being the sole creator of your product or craft, have the power to choose your “master palate,” if you will. You create the recipe for greatness: a dab of flavor here, a pinch of passion there, and a generous serving of authenticity.

So while the question of being authentic or simply going with the trends still remains, Chris leaves us with words of advice to power our inner artists.

  1. Your distinctiveness is your long-term survival; and

  2. Be a world-class collaborator.

Watch the full interview with Chris below!

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