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Marketing Compositions with Soon Hee Newbold

Soon Hee Newbold blew us all out of the water as she discussed the secret trades of navigating the music composition industry and the performance side of music production.

To get to a point where you have a lot of reach in your field or industry, Soon Hee states it’s all about who you know. Networking is critical in getting yourself anywhere. Also, don’t pass up opportunities that come your way! You’d be surprised about the growth and learning that can come from an experience you couldn’t have gained anywhere else.

Overcoming writer’s block and getting out of a stale funk in your creative process can be remedied by pursuing each opportunity that presents itself. Find inspiration in everything, and go out and live life!

Now, when pitching yourself to a potential client, Soon Hee recommends tailoring your pitch to the client—research the production, the client, or other performances the client has endorsed to know what to highlight. Adding things from your resume that are not pertinent to the project you’re pitching for adds noise and clutter around the critical points of your presentation.

“[Pricing] applies to everything in business—how much is something worth?”

Knowing how to price your talent and skill is always tricky, especially as you first start out. Soon Hee says to expect some trial and error as you figure out how much you want to sell for and how much others are willing to pay. It’s a continuous learning and changing process.

Find out more about the strategies Soon Hee uses to put herself and her many talents out into the world by watching the full video below!

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