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Is Google Search for You?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Google has the world’s web traffic down--92% to be exact.

By selecting ads based on “High-Intent” searches (when you search for xyz frequently and ads pop up due to your search), or putting you in the “audience” of other interested buyers (hello, Youtube videos), Google provides a way to increase relevant website traffic. And higher relevant traffic = higher return.

Now the cost. Google lets you choose your budget, which is great. However, Zova recommends you spend at least $500 per month to remain competitive. Here’s why.

  1. Too little investment -- you’ll be a drop in an ocean with a low spend. Make a dent.

  2. Cost Per Click (CPC)

    1. Google only charges you when someone clicks on your ad

    2. Average CPC = $1.50

    3. Cost Variables = “keyword bidding” (how people find your ad); “relevance and quality of content”; “industry of business”

  3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

    1. How much money you spend before someone makes a purchase on your site.


Here at Zova, we’ve developed “Financially Driven Data Marketing.” This includes evaluating ads generating purchases by utilizing cookies on your browser for conversion tracking. (Don’t worry. No personal info is given or used!) Something to look at: total return net of expenses, such as cost of material, shipping, merchant fees, etc. Always think about the lifetime value of a customer; there may be little profit now, but there can be massive returns in the future.

What Do We Recommend?

  1. Look into Google Ads. Now.

  2. Sit Down with Someone Who Knows Finance.

  3. Determine if the Cost of Google Ads is Feasible for Your Bottom Line KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

  4. If It Makes Sense Financially, Do It!

For more info, watch the full video below!

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