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Google Shopping Ads

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When you’re a retailer, finding buyers for your product is challenging. But Google Shopping Ads makes it easier, helping you--and the potential buyer--through the “purchase cycle.”

By working simultaneously with the Google Search and Display networks, Google Shopping Ads assist in three stages of the purchase cycle: awareness for the product; consideration for the product (i.e., price, reviews, etc.); and conversion for the product (purchases of the product). By selecting those who are more likely to purchase your product based on their past actions on Google’s Search and Display networks, Google provides “in-market” audiences to target, which include users who are more prone to convert from the consideration stage.

Though setting up an ad may take seconds, seeing results will take longer—three weeks at least. Each piece of information in your ad goes through Google’s AI, and after you create a shopping ad, the AI goes through “optimization,” or its learning mode. In general, you need three weeks of targeting audiences, accumulating data, and properly serving your ads before seeing consistent conversions at the CPA you’d like. Give your ads time to mature and learn—remember, results will be more concrete AFTER optimization, not DURING optimization. Another pro tip— keep your conversion funnel as short as you can because the longer it is, the lower your conversion rate.

“If you are a retailer, and you don’t have the option to purchase your product online, what are you doing?”

Having an online presence is critical in the business world. In the last year alone, online sales increased 800%. Brands who are not listed online could lose up to 70% of their sales; many people research products online before making a purchase. So the key message here: get your stuff online!

Watch the full video below!

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