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Diving into Design with Paul Beveridge

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Graphic designer Paul Beveridge recently found career success with beverage companies, which is ironic given his last name, and yes, it was completely by accident.

In order to create amazing designs, Paul doesn’t have an exact method to his madness. With Wiley Roots Brewing, Paul adds his own flair by creating designs that fill the can, stand out, and are true to their brand.

One part of design is taking complex subjects and simplifying them into appealing designs. It's important to have simple branding, but some designs don’t need to be simple. It depends on the type of design and its use. He often asks himself, “What details can the art live without?” in order to distill his designs.

To work on different styles, Paul finds and studies other designers and experiments. He often tries to imitate designs and learns on the fly to see what works and what doesn’t.

Paul's favorite things to work on are illustrations and lettering, both of which he works on in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes he uses photoshop to add elements, such as lighting and texture. Most of his art is in vector, because that makes it easy to scale into any size for ease of use.

Paul sometimes sketches his designs on paper as a brainstorming technique but says that regardless of what anyone says, every artist needs to find their own personal process that works for them.

Paul's message to designers and artists:

"If you want to be a designer or artist, DON'T GIVE UP."

Click Below to watch Marketing Tip Tea Time at 2:22 - Diving Into Design with Paul Beveridge!

**Designs on cover photo by Paul Beveridge Designs**

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