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Zova Marketing Founder Receives Award for Policy Work

On Thursday, October 20th, 2022, Zova Marketing founder, Aaron Zimola, accepted the "Rising Star" award from Good Business Colorado during their Fifth Anniversary Celebration.

In addition to receiving the award, Aaron was announced as the newest board member of Good Business Colorado.

In his acceptance speech, Aaron touched on his past policy work in 2014 when he left feeling "discouraged and disappointed" after his work in education policy for the State of Colorado went nowhere.

Hesitant to reenter policy work, he was convinced by Good Business Colorado's Executive Director, Debra Brown and GBC's Policy Coordinator, Angelique Espinoza. In the 2021 legislative session Aaron worked as the Chair of the Air Pollution & Renewable Energy Taskforce, and as a Stakeholder Analyst for the Transportation and Energy Committees. He walked away describing the experience as a complete success after 11 of his biggest suggestions were ultimately accepted and adopted by the legislature.

Aaron's hope as a policy committee member and a Board Member, is that he can help to amplify the voices of Colorado businesses that feel left behind. His focus is to build a true "Colorado Business Community."

Aaron wrote an op-ed in support of HB22-1249 "Electric Grid Resilience And Reliability Roadmap" citing it's benefits to rural communities such as his own in Weld County. His article was published in many news outlets including Colorado Politics.

Aaron also testified at the Colorado State Capitol in support of SB22-051 "Policies To Reduce Emissions From Built Environment" among many other bills and initiatives.

Good Business Colorado is a grassroots organization of values-driven business owners working to build a prosperous economy, equitable communities, and a sustainable environment in Colorado. Good Business Colorado currently has over 450 members state-wide.

Aaron won an award alongside nine others including;

  • Sydney Jackson-Clockston, winning the "GBC Can Count On Me" award

  • Metro DEEP, winning the "Helping Good Businesses Be Better Partner Of The Year" award

  • Small Business Majority, winning the "Partner of the Year" award

  • Rep. Lisa Cutter, winning the "Legislator Of The Year" award

  • Carol Cochran, winning the "Policy Partner Of The Year" award

  • Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, winning the "Policy Partner Of The Year" award

  • Stacey Gilbert, winning the "Legislative Action" award

  • Rachel Kois, winning the "New Member Recruiter Of The Year" award

  • BookBar, winning the "People's Choice" award

Aaron joins nine other members of the GBC Board including;

  • Blake Man Ion, Founder of Soul Salve

  • Carol Cochran, Owner of Horse & Dragon Brewing

  • Pete Turner, Founder and CEO of Illegal Pete's

  • Yoav Lurie, Founding CEO of Simple Energy

  • Adam Kogeman, Principal Consultant/ Co-Founder of Good Bones Consulting

  • Edwin Zoe, CEO of Zoe Ma Ma & Chimera Ramen

  • Katharine Knarreborg, President of Merlin Instrument Company

  • Sarah Marcogliese, Owner of Native Earth Landscape

**This article will be updated with photos as they become available.

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