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Customer Feedback Drives Brands with Andri Sadlak

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Customer Feedback is the Future for Businesses Successes

When you think about taking risks in business, you'd never think that it would involve selling your house.

For Andri Sadlak, however, it did. Once immersed in the digital nomad life, he began to sell his products on Amazon, moving from one location to the next. It was during these periods where he was able to meet amazing people and make career-changing connections.

And connections is what it’s all about--not only with associates with the same goals and tastes but with customers too. Andri has found that it’s the customers, the people behind the purchases, that really launch your brand.

His two new projects, Ecom Brand Builder (EBB) and Product Pinion, emulate the importance of preserving the quality of your brand, all while using the customers’ voices to change the product into something that customers would actually purchase. How does this work, you ask? \

Data. Data. Data.

“The data is out there. You just have to use it! So don’t guess. It'll cost you a lot of money.”

Using data to anticipate and prepare for trends within customer needs is Andri’s secret power. He states that in using data to make core decisions, he's able to better give the customers what they need and also gives the business owner power to improve on business decisions.

While striving for huge profits is certainly part of making a business, Andri sees more than just the monetary value behind what he does: “It’s not about you making more money. It’s about you serving someone, and when you do it well, you make more money as a result.”

So whether you are starting out in the business world, or know your way around the block, Andri’s advice is simple. Look for the opportunity, look for the future.

Watch the full interview with Andri below!

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